Friday, April 11, 2014

Is there Anything Else you would like to Share with your Parrents?

I would like to share the poetry madness and the book chain.

What is Something I do as a Writer that I didn't do in 5th grade?

I have learned alot of things about writing in 6th grade. I use fancy words now, I know how to conclude better, I know were to add more detail and alot more things.

How many books have you read this year? How have I grown as a reader this year?

I have read 25 books this year.
I have grown as a reader because I discovered new genres this year. Also I have found some series that I really like so I can't stop reading them and that makes me a stronger reader.

What is a Piece that I Could Improve?

I think I could improve my reading and have more stamina. I need to concentrate more and do not get distracted when i'm reading. I foun a series that I really liked so i'm going to keep reading and try to consentrate more.

What is a piece of work i'm proud of since December?

I'm proud of my non-fiction book project because I learned alot of the character and I learned alot about non-fiction. I did it very good and gave alot of time to it so I did it very good.